Get the workforce into new uniforms at minimum cost and with minimum disruption

Protect & grow your uniform business
Protect and grow your uniform business while maintaining profitability. Bodd Revolutionises Uniform & Workwear Retailing:

The only uniform scan solution globally that can size head to toe from a single scan.
  • Faster sizing
  • Enable efficiencies in core business processes
  • Superior Fit means less return costs
  • Less environmental impact
  • Implement without Capex

The Benefits...

for your business

Revolutionise the traditional business model of Uniform Retailers by reducing costs and increasing relaibility of core processes.

for your clients

Reduced employee downtime for uniform sizing - faster and available at remote locations due to scanner portability Pleasant and efficient experience for recruits compared to traditional measuring and sizing processes. Covenience, flexibility and privacy, less returns and frustration. Reduce the potential for negative employee impacts.

Pleasant and efficient fitting experieince:
  • Convenience
  • Flexibility and privacy
  • Less returns and frustration
  • Contactless self-serve scanning


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